Customer Feedback

Complaints Resolution Process

Prestige Private Cars welcomes and encourages all feedback including complaints, compliments, and comments.

You can contact us via the options above.

We are committed to an accessible, fair, and equitable complaints handling process, where we work together with our clients to drive business solutions and improvements.

We will:

  • Recognise client feedback as opportunities to build experience and to continually improve our processes and services
  • Promptly acknowledge and resolve complaints from clients and provide written responses where required
  • Provide transparent complaint solutions which are accessible and flexible to meet the needs of our clients
  • Address each complaint in a sensitive, equitable, fair, and unbiased manner
  • Build a culture of customer service excellence, through leadership, knowledge, empowerment, and processes
  • Proactively seek feedback and suggestions for improvement

We will design our services to meet the current and future needs of our clients, and use any feedback to help improve processes and services to provide a positive customer experience.